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Controlled Non-Invasive Tissue Heating 

ThermiSmooth® Face is performed using a specially designed temperature controlled hand piece.  The hand piece gently heats the skin’s surface using dermal heating, it targets problem areas around the eyes, mouth, cheeks, and neckThermiSmooth is a series of skin surface treatments that gently tighten your skin to reduce lines and wrinkles by tightening collagen in your skin. Each treatment area takes 5-20 minutes. The treated areas are pink after treatment, similar to a light sunburn. Results accumulate over time. For most areas, 4-6 treatments space 2-4 weeks apart are suggested. 

Long lasting results for rejuvenation and tightening for face, eyes and neck. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does ThermiSmooth work?

The collagen under the skin will shrink when sustained heat is applied to it above 40ºC. This initiates a process where the skin begins to tighten and the effects of aging are reduced. The ThermiSmooth™ hand piece delivers this heat in a controlled manner to maximize patient comfort. 

What areas can be treated with ThermiSmooth?

ThermiSmooth™ can treat many different areas of the face and is well suited for under the eyes, around the mouth, the forehead, eyelids, and neck.

How many treatments will I need?

Treatments with ThermiSmooth™ are repeated multiple times and the exact number of treatments varies depending on the desired cosmetic result of the patient. During your consultation, your consultant or provider will determine the amount of ThermiSmooth™ treatments you will need.

What happens during the treatment?

A small amount of gel is first applied to the area of skin’s surface in the treatment area. A specific target temperature is set and the hand piece is moved across the treatment area gently in a sweeping or circular pattern. The system will automatically adjust the temperature of the device based on feedback from the patient’s skin. A small area is treated for about 5 minutes and the number of treatments will be determined by you and your provider.

How soon will I see results after a ThermiSmooth treatment?

While multiple treatments are necessary, most patients will see some result after the first treatment with full results developing over 3 to 6 months.

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